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The Legend Stud Guard


The Legend Stud Guard is so specially made there is no other like it on the market today.

Features are endless:

Start with the cream coloured leather on the inside of the stud guard, not only does this look fantastic on a darker horse, all of our light coloured horse owners are singing its praises... no more stain left on your horse after the show!
Triple layered elastic ensures the girth is uber comfortable, as well as strong and it will not allow any rolling of your saddle.  The elastic colour in our 2016 series signature Hinterland navy with blue stripe ensures all your Hinterland gear looks fantasticly matched and stands apart from the rest.
The leather where the stainless steel buckles is attached is lined with super strong webbing, ensuring your safety at all times.
The stud guard is perfectly anatomically shaped to fit and sits nice and close against your horses belly.

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