Nicole White

Nicole White

Jul 12, 2023Amy Mackenzie

How long have you been involved in the equestrian industry & how did you start out?

I’ve been involved in equestrian competitions since I was around 5/6 but got my first pony when I was 2.
Mum had to buy me a pony to play with so I would stop trying to get into the paddocks with her her quarter horses. So she found me a palomino mare called Honey just down the road(worth her weight in gold that pony was!)
I’ve been more actively involved in specifically show jumping since I was about 14.

What’s a piece of advice you’ve been given that really resonates with you?

Trust your instincts, they have got you this far. Whether it’s looking at or selling horses or riding a track.

What do you love about Hinterland, do you have a favourite product and why?

I love the classic but stunning finish to all hinterland products.
I also love that Amy (Hinterlands founder and designer) is always listening to riders and developing and improving gear to help riders and horses reap the benefits as the sport develops.

Favourite product has got to be the Classic Y Breastplate.
It fits everything, it looks amazing on anything, you can add whatever attachment you want, and the wide, padded leather bridge strap at the top is great for young, fresh and spunky horses for emergencies!

What are some things you look for when selecting tack for your horses? Why do you think it’s important to use good quality tack?

I look for how the tack fits on the horse, functionality for purpose, leather quality and finish on the product to make sure it lasts, because good tack is really an investment.

What are your goals for the future?

One of my biggest goals for the future is to win the NZ World Cup series and earn myself a spot at the World Cup final, on top of that, to have produced a horse worthy of the trip.

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