Emma Gillies

Emma Gillies

Mar 24, 2024Amy Mackenzie

How long have you been involved in the equestrian industry & how did you start out?

I have been involved with horses my whole life. I First started riding at the age of 2 and it hasn’t stopped from then. Beginning at pony club I competed at Springston Trophy a handful of times before getting into show hunter. I had some awesome show hunter ponies from cat a right through to cat c that gained great success for me in this area of the competition scene. Soon moving to the show jumping arena I have further developed as a rider, a competitor and my love for the sport has grown. From there I completed in my first pony Grand Prix at the age of 12 winning the nationals and 2nd in pony of the year 2020.

What’s a piece of advice you’ve been given that really resonates with you?

A piece of advice that I have been giving that resonates with me is that in order to get better or improve you may hit some speed bumbs. This means that for things to improve you will come across obstacles especially when working with animals that have a mind of their own that will slow you down but you do come out the other side.

What do you love about Hinterland, do you have a favourite product and why?

What I personally love about hinterland is that you always know with any tack or product you purchase that it is going to be of high quality and last. Hinterland have got such a wide range of tack that will suit anyone and everyone’s needs. If I had to choose my favourite product it would have to be my grackle bridle. They fit so well and last years and years they also look very stylish.

What are some things you look for when selecting tack for your horses? Why do you think it’s important to use good quality tack?

When selecting tack for my horses I look at the comfort, effectiveness and quality. Without these you could be purchasing tack that isn’t worth the money. Hinterland supplies all of these things and more which makes them so reliable.

What are your goals for the future?

My goals for the season is to be consistent at the young rider and mini Prix height and hopefully a few Grand Prix starts nearing the end of the season. In future years I would love to travel and compete overseas and expand my equestrian sport into a business. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be apart of team hinterland !

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