About Us

 Hinterland is a family owned, independent equestrian brand, bringing together both innovative designs and traditional craftsmanship to present a unique curation of products for horse, dog and rider. 

Hinterland’s design ethos encompasses a commitment to protecting traditional craftsmanship but also innovation and bringing well-thought, quality products to market. While we aim to provide quality that will last generations, our products remain stylish throughout many seasons, making them timeless.

Since it’s founding in 2008, Hinterland has become known for its beautifully soft and supple leather, and designs that are researched and developed from a passion for the world of equestrian and the love of horses. In a fast-paced market, Hinterland has cultivated a following for its must-have products. Every Hinterland product synthesises market demands with the valuable advice from our ambassadors, who share an active role in the creative process, specifying their needs and testing the performance of the products. Not only that but all products are designed with the well-being of horse and rider in mind. 

Aspirational yet accessible, Hinterland is designed for all horses and riders, from the world’s best to the beginners with determination.