Rose Alfeld

Jul 10, 2023Amy Mackenzie

How long have you been involved in the equestrian industry & how did you start out?

I've been riding professionally for 10 years now. I started riding before I could walk. Mum and Dad both rode and are still heavily involved today. I progressed through Ponyclub, competing at Springston Trophy.

What’s a piece of advice you’ve been given that really resonates with you?

Put your horse first. They are your number one priority. They haven’t chosen to be here. They do what we ask them and that’s a huge privilege. Build a relationship with your horse and they’ll always do their best for you.

What do you love about Hinterland, do you have a favourite product and why?

I love the quality and the feel of the gear. I love how it fits and the durability. It’s impossibly difficult to pick a favourite product because I love all of my Hinterland gear but if I had to choose, I love the Baaa Sheepskin Stud Guard and how it looks on my plain horse.

What are some things you look for when selecting tack for your horses? Why do you think it’s important to use good quality tack?

First and foremost looking for the best fit and comfort for the horse. Secondly, I look for gear that stands the test of time, it needs to be durable as well as practical and stylish. Turning my horses out to top standard is really important to me. I can’t always control how I go in the ring but I can always turn my horse out beautifully.

What are your goals for the future?

I’d love to produce another top level jumper.

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