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Stable Star Comfort Halter

$124.99 $249.99
Once these are gone, they’re gone.
A super modern stylish look with Stainless Steel buckles and clips, the Stable Star Halter is made for winners.

This halter is fully padded and ergonomically shaped around the ears and poll.  The flat front (Non raised design) lessens the chances of rubbing on rails, while the patent leather piping and hand stitched detailing really pop!

Just like all leather items designed for horses, a leather halter is designed to break first under pressure, so that the horse does not break! 

The name plate is only loosely attached and designed to be removed for engraving.  The screws will need to be secured when re-fitting the nameplate after engraving.  We recommend locktite. For extra security, we turn the screws inside out, so that the head of the screw is on the inside of the halter.  This stops anything from catching the screw and undoing it.

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