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Stable Star Comfort Halter

A super modern stylish look with Stainless Steel buckles and clips, the Stable Star Halter is made for winners.

This halter is fully padded and ergonomically shaped around the ears and poll.  The flat front ensures durability and lessens rubbing on rails, while the patent leather piping and hand stitched detailing really pop!

Riders continue to ask for a leather halter with a buckle on the front.  This is not possible with a padded noseband... but we have just come up with a new innovation to open the halter at the front, keeping all the adjustment under the chin.  The billet tab on the nearside opens, giving you the freedom to groom the horse or put a bridle on, yet the halter is still attached round the neck.  You can also easily do it back up over the top of the bridle for added security while waiting for a class.

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