Stable Star Comfort Halter

Once these are gone, they’re gone.
The Stable Star Comfort Halter is as the name suggests, a stylish yet comfortable halter for your stable star! It features an anatomical shape and aniline calfskin leather on all pressure points. The flat leather finish lessens the chances of rubbing on rails, while the patent leather piping and 'fancy' stitch detailing really pop! Finished with your choice of Stainless Steel or Brass fittings. Just like all leather items designed for horses, a leather halter is designed to break first under pressure, so that the horse does not break! 
  • Fancy stitch and patent leather detailing
  • Anatomically shaped
  • Aniline Calfskin leather padding
  • Your choice of either Stainless Steel or Brass Fittings


  • Available in both Black and Havana
  • Available in Cob, Full and Oversize
  • Please note: The nameplate is only loosely attached and designed to be removed for engraving. The screws must be secured when fitting after engraving, we recommend using locktite.   For extra security, we turn the screws inside out, so that the head of the screw is on the inside of the halter. This stops anything from catching the screw and undoing it.

At Hinterland, we care about finding the best possible fit for yourself, your horse or your pup. If you have any questions please email us at shop@hinterland.net.nz