Marvellous Martingale

The Marvellous Martingale is a classic Running Martingale. It is fully adjustable and complete with aniline leather calfskin at the wither. Designed to distribute pressure from the reins to the mouth to limit your horse's upward head movement. It is perfect for those horses that tend to run away from the bridle by lifting their heads.
  • Consists of two straps, one fully adjustable neck strap and one fully adjustable chest strap with a loop at the end for the girth to pass through
  • Super soft calfskin padding on wither
  • "Fancy" stitch detailing to match Hinterland bridles, try the Fancy That Bridle or Ultimate Comfort Bridle!
  • Contrast white stitching
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Hand-crafted from signature Hinterland, pre-oiled leather -soft, supple and ready to put straight on your horse.


  • Available in both Black and Havana
  • Available in Cob and Full