Hinterland Hefty Hay Bag


It's the best!  This is why....

Hinterland has met the market, as always, with a product that simply meets your needs.

The bag fits up to 4 slices of hay, so there's less frequent re-filling required.

A drawstring closure at the top provides a second layer of security against horses attempting to access the hay from the wrong end, preventing waste.

The round hole access feeder is large enough so that even tightly packed lucerne is still accessible.

Open weave webbing at the bottom ensures hay will not sit in water after soaking, so your hay and your bag will not end up musty and rotten over time.

Tough 100 Denier Fabric is finished with taped and sewn seams for extra strength.

Finally, fully adjustable straps are also completely removable. The bag closes securely at the top with the clips holding the D's shut together and because they're adjustable, you can attach them to pretty much anything and ensure your bag stays secure.

Because of the unique double straps and D's either side at the bottom, the hay bag can be worn as a backpack, freeing up both hands for pushing the wheel barrow or carrying water buckets!



  • 1000 denier triple weave fabric ripstop nylon
  • Drawstring closure at top
  • Completely adjustable and removable nylon straps
  • heavy-duty trigger clips
  • HINTERLAND embroidery and new season rubber logo



  • Available in ONE SIZE, measures 35cm x 45cm x 50cm
  • Easily fits up to 4 slices of Hay
  • Available in signature Hinterland Navy