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Hinterland Tack Rehab

$24.99 $29.99

SOLD OUT!!  But back in soon and we are expanding our size options too!

Don't worry!  We have more of this wonderful product being made, which compliments our Hinterland leather so beautifully!

Hinterland All Purpose Tack rehab will clean, soften and shine your Hinterland gear. It’s is a full rehabilitation for your beautiful Hinterland leather.

* Used with a little water, the glycerine element to this soap will clean your leather to perfection

* The added bonus of tea tree oil will keep mould away

* used on its own on the points of your bridle, Tack Rehab will ensure your keepers glide perfectly

* used with an oiled cloth, Tack Rehab will bring a deep lustre and shine to your Hinterland gear.

Tack Rehab has been specially made for our naturally tanned Hinterland leather as a colab by Soap Kitchen Wanaka, New Zealand.

Comes in a 120g tin

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