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Flat Padded Nameplate Collar


The Padded Name Plate Collar features super soft leather lining and a removable brass name plate for engraving.

It is classically styled, square and flat padded with plain stitching.  It has brass fittings.

The Collar comes in three sizes:

  • S for the Foxy and Jack Russel types
  • M for the Beagles, Kelpies and small collies
  • L for the Labs and other large breed

We have added a handy size chart so you can check measurements.

Please note that this collar has Brass or stainless fittings.  We now make leads with brass or stainless fittings to match.  If you purchase both items, we will ensure fittings match. 

The name plate is only loosely attached and designed to be removed for engraving.  The screws will need to be secured when re-fitting the nameplate after engraving.  We recommend locktite. For extra security, we turn the screws inside out, so that the head of the screw is on the inside of the collar.  This stops the claw of a scratching dog from catching the screw and undoing it.

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