How to Know Which Reins to Choose? | Hinterland Journal

How to Know Which Reins to Choose? | Hinterland Journal

Aug 04, 2023Amy Mackenzie

As an extension to your bridle, reins play a very key role in your riding that is often overlooked. Reins are the direct link between your hands and your horses mouth. Your reins not only affect the feeling of your ride but also the contact with your horse. Here at Hinterland, we know how highly personal and crucial a rider's choice of reins is, that's why we have such a variety of innovative options.

The Rubber Grip

As with all our reins, our Rubber Grip Reins have a webbing insert to ensure their safety and durability. Our Rubber grip is super flexible and non-bulky in your hands. The rubber is pimple-lined for non-slip grip and they are slightly thicker than our soft notch leather reins, which can feel more reassuring.

The Soft Notched Leather Reins

Our Soft Notched Leather Reins are made from aniline calfskin leather with nylon web inserts so they are flexible, yet strong and durable. This leather offers an unmatched contact in your hands that is accurate and discrete. This makes them perfect for dressage and hunter classes. The notches are also a great reference point for novice riders. Finally, they are slender and super soft which makes them perfect for pairing with a double rein.

The Rubber Grip Reins with Notches

Our Rubber Grip Reins with Notches feature super grippy rubber with 'pimples and leather notches sewn on for extra grip on those strong horses and ponies. We particularly love for extra grip where they may get wet or sweaty, like on the cross country course or hot summer days. The notches are also great as a reference point for novice riders. As with all of our Rubber Grip Reins these have nylon webbing inserts to ensure the utmost safety and durability while keeping the reins nice and flexible and non-bulky.

The Gel Grip Reins

Our Gel Grip Reins are a new favourite! The 'Gel' is super soft and pliable, so provides a contact like that of our Soft Notched Leather Reins, yet they offer ultimate grip. The 'Gel' not only allows great precision in your demands, but also a very fine contact with your horse's mouth. Gloves or no gloves, wet or dry, these reins also never slip.

The Split Reins

Our Forked/Split reins are a must have accessory for Pelham or Dutch Gags. Say goodbye to fiddling with double reins, especially in the jumping ring, or use them to soften the action of a Dutch Gag. The adjustable strap is an important feature, so you can fix your curb rein to your own and your horses preference. These come in your choice of either Soft Notch Leather, Rubber Grip or Leather Laced

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