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Brand Ambassadors


Hinterland supports a number of top New Zealand and International brand ambassadors:

Rose Alfeld

Luci Askin

Liv Brown

Molly Buist-Brown

Pippa Collins

Paxton Condor

Larissa Corboy

John Cottle 

Brooke Edgecombe

Claudia Hay

Tayla Mason

Grace Percy

Olivia Robertson

Nicole White

Johanna Wylaars

Chloe Hughes (Australia)

Yuri Mansur (Brazil)

Hendrik Jan Schuttert (Netherlands)


Hinterland works with these riders to ensure the products that are developed are the most up to date and suitable for the given purpose.  All are top level riders with a vast amount of knowledge and experience and all are very approachable and easy to chat to. We welcome their feedback and criticism of the products we develop and love to be able to innovate with these riders.

Any of the above brand ambassadors can be contacted via social media for a personal review of Hinterland products they're using.